Litigation Support

Mind/Share provides litigation support services in the context of complex business litigation primary in the area of Intellectual Property and Trademark Infringement issues.  The majority of the cases that Mind/Share has been involved with have been federal court or USPTO matters.  In this context our consumer research is subject to intense scrutiny from attorneys, judges, and opposing experts.  In addition, the primary research often undertaken in the context of litigation support is conducted under extremely tight timelines which we routinely meet. We pride ourselves on our meticulous, professional, and reliable work. 

Complex business litigation often relies on the testimony of appropriate expert witnesses to assist the court in understanding relevant consumer and marketplace dynamics.  Mind/Share provides expert consulting services in the areas of:

  • Trademark Infringement
    • Likelihood of Confusion                         
    • Initial Interest Confusion
    • Reverse Confusion
    • Secondary Meaning
  • False/Deceptive Advertising
  • Internet Search Engine Practices
  • Aesthetic Functionality
  • Knock Offs in Fashion
  • Assessment of Marketing Strategy and Practices
  • Rebuttal/Critique Reports (Daubert-Joiner-Kumho)

In many litigation contexts it is often extremely effective to present consumer data obtained from interviews, surveys, experiments or from archival records.  The value of such consumer data hinges on the scientific rigor with which the research was designed and the data analyzed.  Mind/Share experts are qualified as experts in a variety of domains involving marketing, advertising, retailing, branding, and consumer behavior.  As such our experts can design appropriate research and provide deposition and trial testimony that can withstand the close scrutiny often encountered in business litigation.  Our experts can also provide rigorous analysis and rebuttal of the expert reports submitted by opposing counsel. 

Please contact us for a consultation concerning your specific needs.

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