Corporate Profile

Mind/Share was incorporated in 1998 by its two Founders, Drs. Basil Englis and Michael Solomon.  The mission of the company is to provide custom research solutions and related consultancy support utilizing a broad array of qualitative and quantitative research methodologies.  For many clients the company brings to bear its unique perspective that emphasizes the contextual nature of consumers’ perceptions and preferences.  In these situations we emphasize how consumers value products and brands as a function of what they own or desire in other functionally or symbolically related product categories; we have termed these products sets “product constellations” and we have conducted and published numerous studies in this area.

Mind/Share has the experience, resources, and the capabilities to design and methodologically sound consumer research, to collect data following well-established scientific approaches, to analyze and interpret data, to effectively communicate the project’s findings, and to meet project deadlines.  Our blending of academic and practitioner experiences and credentials makes us unique in the marketing research industry. Apart from our capabilities as research methodologists, one of our key strengths is our genuine interest and ability to “think out-loud” with our clients at all stages of the research process, from inception to dissemination of findings.  We do not offer “off-the-shelf solutions;” we customize each research project to insure that the results specifically address the research needs of our clients.

Building on our expertise as consumer researchers, Mind/Share also provides litigation support services in the context of complex business litigation primary in the area of Intellectual Property and Trademark protection issues.  The majority of the cases that Mind/Share has been involved with have been federal court or USPTO matters.  In this context our consumer research is subject to intense scrutiny from attorneys, judges, and opposing experts.  In addition, the primary research often undertaken in the context of litigation support is conducted under extremely tight timelines which we routinely meet. We pride ourselves on our meticulous, professional, and reliable work. 

Mind/Share’s Principals – Gary Bamossy, John Cornett, Basil Englis and Michael Solomon have over 90 years of combined academic and commercial research experience.  We have conducted hundreds of research projects utilizing survey, experimental and qualitative research methods.  In addition to more traditional methods, we have designed and conducted online research using Mind/Share’s proprietary software systems for a number of major corporations including eBay, E. I. DuPont de Nemours, Black & Decker, PPG Industries, Vanity Fair, Better Homes and Gardens, Calvin Klein, Visa, and the International Council of Shopping Centers.  We have provided expert witness services in more than 20 cases involving complex business litigation primarily involving trademark and brand management issues in the past 10 years.  Our clients include, American Airlines, The Gap, State Farm Insurance, Maytag, Ruth’s Chris Steakhouses, United Airlines and Weightwatchers.

Our dual status as academics and practitioners allows us to draw upon a rich variety of academic talent as needed for a specific project or client.  Mind/Share also employs a variety of programmers, analysts, and graphic designers for specific projects.  The company typically assembles a project team where each team member provides a unique contribution to the success of the project.  We maintain alliance and partner relationships with firms that provide specialized field research and support services.  However, a Mind/Share Principal is always directly involved in every client project to insure quality control, project oversight and supervision, and to provide a direct contact for the client.

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